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Aaehalo Travel Booking is your go-to platform for securing affordable flight tickets and holiday packages with lightning-fast service. Our site promises an exceptional booking experience, featuring a seamlessly user-friendly interface designed to cater to travelers of all backgrounds. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or planning a family getaway, Aaehalo Travel Booking ensures smooth sailing from booking to boarding, enhancing your travel journey every step of the way.

Launch STORY

Nowadays the interface is not friendly and people are facing difficulty in  getting the best deals in booking tickets and packages and thats where the idea of aaehalo is born to make a change in booking industry and to change overall experience of the user .

Travel booking site

Aaehalo is founded by khushal sethia and is run and managed by his team under his guidance. The name aaehalo is given after a gujrati word aaehalo which means lets go in hindi and this is how the name aaehalo is given which means lets go travel,enjoy and explore the world. There are currently total 2 members who run this website and operate overall functioning of it . 


Basically we focus on two major activities and our service model is to give you best flight tickets prices and good satisfactory holiday packages. beside this we also provide many other facilities like calling facility  from which any doubt will be solved instantly through a call , whatsapp facility in case person is not friendly in calling he cam use easy message exchange and can easily solve his query,  form through which customer can easily tell which type of service they want and we will show them the best results etc. 

The goal of aaehalo is to elevate your booking experience and became the best platform for all the booking related activities in future. We just don’t want to grow but our main focus is also customer satisfaction and it is in our priority list. In future we have a plan to expand in various booking activities related to travel and industry. In case any emergency situation arises we can tackle you according to that situation and will help to to solve the problem at the earliest. We also want to connect to the customer , their suggestions, query ,knowledge because it will help in our betterment of the services which we provide.


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